Tai Chi as an art of movements is highly practiced due to the experience of gentle exercise that connects the mind and body in a cluster of extensions and contractions that invade all-around. This experience of linking the deepest part of our being with our environment through the energy that our body provides with the movement merits certain preparation.

The movements of Tai Chi are identified as being slow, fluid and soft, which only makes the task more difficult; it’s not as simple as it sounds. Calmness is harder to find than the storm, so achieving maximum concentration and carrying out these movements requires prior development.

To start, in addition to physical preparation, the clothes to wear are of great importance if your ultimate goal is to achieve physical and mental well-being in those sessions of Tai Chi.

What to Wear to Tai Chi Class

Polyester, cotton, linen, satin, silk or combined, are the best options regarding the type of fabric of the garments. We will have to move in ways that we are not used to, relax parts we did not know we had and use muscles that we might have heard about, so the fabrics mentioned are the best material to keep away dead weights that can frustrate the exercise itself.

Baggy clothes. In no way should the fluidity of the extensions be stopped, tight clothing will only make the activity more tedious with null results. In Tai Chi, many mechanically simple movements are learned, but they are not easy to execute so this detail becomes an advantage.

Low shoes. Balance and comfort are essential for this practice; we do not go to a party, nor to practice a sport, and certainly not to show off to others. In Tai Chi, we should only focus on the execution of the exercises. Our feet are the body support for every single move; we must dress them in low shoes, preferably with rubberized or latex cotton sole.

No costumes. It is not necessary to adopt the whole Chinese culture just because it is where Tai Chi comes from. Some people choose to wear the traditional Chinese pajamas and dress in silk and bright colors, but we can leave that for those who dominate this art and benefit from demonstrations or events. Comfort is the priority for executing our movements the best way possible.

Zero belts. Although Tai Chi is a martial art, we do not need a special uniform to wear, and the belt does not give us more honor or takes it away from us, our work is what counts. Sports sets can be used, but not a belt; this stops the Chi from flowing.

Concentration is the basis for the attainment of each movement in the practice of Tai Chi; your energies must be focused. It is not an option to distract us or worry about what we wear: if it fits well, or if something is out of place, or if the colors we select stand out too much from the rest of the class. All that must be left behind before we get fully into our Tai Chi class.

Although Tai Chi is practiced a lot around the world, it does not imply that it is something that is taken lightly. The work is very varied and when we get on the rail the time flies, and we will end up wanting a little more, so be prepared.