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What is T’ai Chi Ch’uan?

T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Taijiquan) is an ancient Chinese art. Its benefits include increased relaxation, lower blood pressure, improved balance, stronger bones, sharper memory, more effective concentration, and flexibility of body and mind.


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T’ai Chi Ch’uan is also a defensive art. Students of T’ai Chi Ch’uan learn to resolve conflict efficiently and with minimal strife while maintaining their authenticity. T’ai Chi Ch’uan is a form of moving meditation that anchors the practitioner and fosters strength of spirit.

Mary Lukas has been an active contributor to the Iowa City Tai Chi community since 1993. She continues study as a student of Barbara Davis at the Great River School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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What Are The Different Forms Of Martial Arts?

A common misconception about martial artists is that they are perceived to be very violent people, as compared to athletes of any other sport. It is incorrect for two reasons: one, there are many reasons why one would take up martial arts as a sport, amongst which include self-defense, discipline, to reduce stress or even for health issues. And two, martial artists tend to be more aware that with power comes responsibility and are hence more careful when it comes to using their skill against someone else. That said, there are many different types of martial arts, designed for all sorts of people with different objectives in mind. Among the more popular martial arts are Kung Fu, Karate, and Judo.



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