In modern society, due to the heightened exposure through media, almost everybody is aware of the different types of martial arts. Through movies such as Karate Kid, Shaolin Soccer, and Fight Club, martial arts is glorified and has piqued the interest of many, and, with the added benefits of health and wellness as well as the ability to defend oneself if necessary, generations of children have been enrolled into different martial arts classes.

Of course, before doing any such thing, parents would stop and wonder, of all the martial arts out there, which kind is the best martial arts for kids? The answer is, the best martial arts for any child is the martial art that the child is the most interested in, and the martial art that serves your and the child’s interests. Each martial art style can offer different fighting styles and various concepts to be learned by the child, so the best martial art would depend on what a parent or a child is looking towards. However, here is a list of conventional martial arts that children (and adults alike) are usually involved in, and the reasons why.


First off, Karate is a traditional martial art formed in the Ryukyu Kingdom, before it became a part of Japan. Modern-day Karate uses kicks and punches and defensive blocking with arms and legs. Besides that, Karate also helps children build confidence and train discipline, as it also emphasizes on philosophical teachings. If this sounds like something your child might be interested in, it would be worth checking out the nearest Karate dojo. Karate is the most popular martial art of them all.


Moving on, Judo is also a good choice for children. Judo was said to have been founded by a Japanese man who was bullied, and who used different martial art styles and added some of his techniques into the mix, making it the Judo we know today. Judo is a defensive martial art and is built on the grounds of using the opponent’s strength against them. Judo involves a lot of throwing moves and would train a child’s balance and all-around fitness. It typically requires a lot of energy to continue through classes, so if your child is energetic and seems keen to learn such a martial art, then it would be perfect.

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do, on the other hand, is a Korean martial art developed in the 1940s and 1950s – a relatively recent martial art. It was initially formed as a military art in Korea but has become more mainstream in the US recently. This martial art is known for its kicks, be it at head level, spinning kicks or jumping boots, and it would train your child’s balance and lower body strength. If Tae Kwon Do sounds like a martial art that would suit both your child and your expectations, then you could start looking out for local dojos. Check out these Tae Kwon Do kicks:


In conclusion, what are the best martial arts for kids? There is no best martial art for all children, slightly different styles of martial arts that suit your child. Besides the martial art itself, it is also essential to take note of the dojo’s environment, equipment and the teacher that will be teaching your child, as these will all affect your child’s ability to learn the martial art.