What is the Beachbody Tai Cheng Workout and how will it help ease the physical pain in your joints? Medical experts claim that this type of workout should improve balance and mobility while reducing aches and pains. It consists of exercises heavily inspired by Chinese martial arts, also known to relieve senior citizens from back pain or high blood pressure. But is it too good to be true?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, individuals age 65 or older are likely to injure themselves from a fall, which means one in three seniors are at risk. To make it easier for senior citizens to move around and exercise with more freedom, practicing the Tai Cheng workout is the way to go. Instead of relying on a cane to walk, an elderly couple decided to take the lessons until they had better balance along with increased flexibility.

As a competitive fitness program, it’s designed to help people strengthen their bodies after a joint or muscle injury. The workout utilizes Dynamic Motion control to enhance your athletic prowess. The good news is that the techniques are applicable to people of all ages and body sizes, proven to work by countless research studies in the past. The only real downside is that you can’t expect it to help you build muscles nor lose weight because it is not a form of intense, fat-burning exercise.

Many senior citizens have agreed that Beachbody’s workouts eliminated their fear of accidents during exercise such as falling and breaking an arm. Thanks to Dr. Mark Cheng‘s new system, anyone can understand the correct steps necessary to stay fit. The package kit includes four workout DVDs that will guide you through the 18 important movements of tai chi. You’ll receive a bonus DVD on breathing exercises followed by training tools like the Feel Better Food Plan and a Quick Relief Foam Roller.

But that’s not all: You can get four free bonus gifts, one of them being the elastic Strength-Training Resistance Band. Normally, these extra add-ons would cost well over $200. Fortunately, these lessons are available for only three payments of $19.95 plus $12.95 shipping fees for a total cost of $72.80. With a Beachbody On Demand subscription, you are given a long list of programs about yoga, cardio, strength, and resistance training. They also cover Tai Cheng’s workout, plus meal plans, fitness guides, and much more.

According to these Beachbody on Demand reviews, you get all this for only $8.25 a month if you choose the 12-month plan. The 6-month plan is a bit pricier at $9.84 a month but either way, you can try the 30-day free trial before you buy. It works just like Netflix where you can view the training sessions on any device from a tablet to your TV. Are you excited about tracking your progress through the Beachbody membership? Then joining Team Beachbody might be your best bet.